The cornerstone purpose of this blog is for me to freely write and share about my life, my family, my favorite things, etc. It’s primarily for fun and for documenting memories!

In the event that you come across a link in any of my posts, I’ve provided disclosure below.

Amazon Associates
As of May 1, 2017 I am a member of Amazon Associates, an ad affiliate program that provides a way for blogs like mine to earn advertising fees by linking you to products on Amazon.com.

Full Disclosure
It is very important to me that I maintain integrity, professionalism, and honesty through this blog. That being said, all opinions about any products I mention and link for you are 100% my own. I am only an expert on these products so far as I am an avid user or lover of them! I will never refer you to a product I have not personally tried and/or genuinely liked.

Thanks for sticking with me through the business-y stuff!