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Wallet-Friendly Finds: Springtime Maternity

I have this thing with Spring — I love all the greenery and flowers growing back, but the rain has been annoyingly resilient over here! Regardless, Spring is a good transitional season to figure out what pieces to keep in your closet for days that range from warm and sunny, to cold […]

It’s a Girl! Plus a Budget-Friendly Gender Reveal

We are having a girl! Her name is Audrey Marie, and she is growing right on schedule. At our baseline ultrasound, we got to see that she was, in fact, a girl, and we watched her move around (we hadn’t seen her since I was seven weeks pregnant!). My mom […]

How to Love Your Spouse Well on a Budget

The Hoopers are currently a one-income household; This might mean something a little different to everyone, but for us that means only one of us has a solid, reliable income. His income pays our bills, our debt, and is our extra padding. Any money that I make from Tastefully Simple really sort-of […]