About Me


I’m Jan, a 25-year old living in a sweet little town in Illinois. I have both a B.A. and M.A. in English; I tried teaching, and found out quickly that it was not a fulfilling or energizing vocation for me. Instead, I took my love for research, analysis, and writing and used it to earn a paralegal certificate. Now, I work part-time as a paralegal for a small business and estate planning lawyer, and I love it!

Meet My Family


I married a hilarious, hard-working software developer named Alex in November of 2014. He loves comic books, craft beer, and weekends spent hanging out with family and friends. God picked a good one for me.


Alex and I welcomed our very first baby, Audrey Marie, in July of 2017. Parenthood is new, exciting, emotional, scary, and awesome all at once!

We adopted a rambunctious little fur baby named Rain in May of 2015. We are definitely weird, obsessive dog-parents, and we are totally fine with that. I mean, look at that sweet face!

Christ is the guiding Light in my life, and I do all I do by, through, and for Him. I am a recovering perfectionist, working daily to let go of the need for control and approval that often burdens me. I’m learning to be present over being perfect, and it really is changing everything.

And that’s why I want to share my life’s happenings with you! I hope that, if you take one message away from my blog posts, it is this: less really is more. Abundance comes not from overworking, overspending, or over thinking — it comes from being present, living simply, restfully, and joyfully!