Snapshots from Last Week!

Here’s a simple little update for you, reader!

Our five month old is developing right before our eyes! She’s nearly flipping from her belly to her back, and …

She’s pretty much holding her own bottle! Gosh does she need us for anything anymore?!

I made Crock-Pot Italian chicken (just chicken, pasta sauce, and spinach), and we ate it atop Amish-style noodles. This has been a week of trying to clean out the fridge and pantry so that we can start from scratch with new ingredients soon.

This kid puts everything in her mouth right now. Her favorite teether: electronics.

My mom took some time out of her schedule to cut my hair and give me a fresh coat of paint on my nails. I needed both very badly… The older I get, the more these things make me feel human.

We enjoyed a first birthday party for Audrey’s little friend, Chandler! The theme was donuts — so cute, but so challenging for my sugar-less diet right now.

Thanks to my in-laws, Alex and I were able to get all dressed up and attend a Christmas gala for his work.

And last, but certainly not least, we made a much-needed trip to visit my grandma, who is in a senior care center recovering from a broken shoulder. I didn’t get any photos of them together, mainly because my grandma physically can’t hold her right now. So this is about the best candid shot I got all evening!

More next week.

xo, Jan

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