Hello, November!

We kissed October goodbye too soon, it felt like! Look at our lil’ witch on Halloween!

I already can’t wait for next year — Halloween is my absolute favorite! She basically stayed awake long enough for us to take pictures, and then she promptly fell asleep for the duration of the evening. We all just sat outside by the fire pit in the driveway at my in-laws and passed out candy; it was particularly chilly on Halloween night, but we braved it for as long as we could! Here are the links to the Etsy shops that made the items for her costume: headband, onesie, tutu.

The week of Halloween is a lot of fun for us. My birthday is the day before, and our wedding anniversary is the day after! Since our anniversary was on a Wednesday, we waited to celebrate until Saturday, when Alex surprised me with a nice dinner at Eleven Eleven Mississippi and drinks at Bridge Tap House. Here we are, several drinks in. 😉

We also had our family photos taken by our good friend, Rachel! Here are a few of my favorites!

So in love with them!

Our baby girl had her 4 month appointment to get a few more shots and a check up with the doctor. She was 13 lbs, 14 oz (60th percentile) and 25 inches long (90th percentile). Long and skinny! The doctor gave us the “go ahead” on a couple of big changes: start introducing solids and start transitioning baby into the crib.

The first night we put her in her crib, she did not want to wake up in the morning! Boy, she must’ve been cramped and restless in that bassinet. Since that first night, there have been a couple of difficult evenings where we’ve had to go in and soothe her 3-4 times before she will fall asleep. But, what we are doing differently is if it has been less than 8 hours since her last feeding, we will sooth her with music and a pacifier, rather than a bottle. We still wake up and feed her in the very early morning hours because, by then, she is actually hungry. This process has actually gone very smoothly, and our baby has been a dream this far! I’m glad we started sleep training now; hopefully that makes growth spurts a little more bearable going forward.

I did miss her the first couple of nights she was in her room. I wasn’t compulsively checking the monitor, really, I was just looking at her now-empty bassinet, wishing she were close by. I resolved to break down the bassinet and put it in storage. I may or may not have cried while doing so. Don’t judge. 🙁

Our other big-girl change, introducing solids, has not gone as smoothly. Well, she really just isn’t into it. The first food we tried was rice cereal; as soon as it went in her mouth, she sourly spit it out. We tried cereal for about a week, once a day, just letting her guide us on when she was done trying. Usually we would get 3-4 spoonfuls in her mouth (that would then immediately be spit back onto her bib), but we aren’t going to force cereal in her. Her weight is fine, she sleeps fine… there is no need for forced solid feeding. We are basically just doing it for fun, and for practice!

Tonight, I peeled, chopped, and steamed a sweet potato and tried some of that with her. She seemed a bit more receptive to the flavor, but still wouldn’t go past the third spoonful. Now, though, I’ve got plenty of sweet potato puree (literally all it is is the sweet potatoes and the water they were steamed in) stored in the freezer for next time!

All these changes with our nugget, they come on fast but we love every minute of it. She is a great baby; happy, curious, snuggly. Our love for her has our hearts literally overflowing.

It isn’t always easy, I will admit — One day recently, I had many plans to take her along with me to run errands and be productive. She was absolutely not having it. I literally had to sit in the back seat of my car to feed her while I bawled my eyes out from being so stressed that I wasn’t able to get the things done that I wanted to. She’s only a baby — her needs are basic. I just had a very weak moment where I thought “what am I doing wrong? why do I feel so unprepared for this?” It was all fine about thirty minutes later, and obviously, the world didn’t actually end. But, those are real-mom moments that I am sure every mama experiences, where you just need to let yourself fall apart a little bit.


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