We Love the Pumpkin Patch!

This is a real late post from last weekend, but what a great weekend! It was go-go-go from Friday to Sunday; I am thankful to have some time during Audrey’s nap this morning to post an update.

Friday, Alex was able to work from home so that I could go get some shopping done with a friend. When I got home, we all got in the car and headed down for Alex to get fitted for a tux. I had to feed the baby in the car; she’s so cute, I didn’t mind!

Saturday was a day full of fun baby celebrations! My day didn’t get going, however, until after I drove some friends to the airport at 5am. Later, we made our way to a gender reveal party; Alex and I both voted “boy,” but we were wrong! Our sweet friends are having a little girl — we can’t wait to meet her!

From there, I went straight to a friend’s baby shower. It was very autumn, and warm, and seriously a precious event!

Finally, the family wound down the day with the OU / Texas game. It was a nail-biter, but we pulled out a win, of course! Boomer!

Sunday morning, I had to wake up bright and early to make chili for our church-wide cook-off. On Thursday last week, our missional community voted my chili to be the best of 7 different chilis. This meant that my chili moved on to compete against the other chilis in the church that won. On Sunday, I won again! So, my chili will be served at our church’s booth at the Fall Festival in Collinsville at the end of the month. I’m honored that everyone loved my chili!

After the cook-off, we headed to the pumpkin patch! It was very rainy, dreary, and cold that morning, so I was actually losing any hope that we would get to go. But, by noon, the skies were clear and it had warmed up a bit!

I have always loved the pumpkin patch. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, and going to the pumpkin patch is like the pinnacle experience of fall. I hope our family can make time for the pumpkin patch every year!

The baby did so good! She didn’t cry at all; it was a little windy, but she was just in love with walking around outside. She eventually fell asleep for a bit while we walked around the shop.

Eckert’s is the big family farm in our area; it is worth making a trip once or twice a year, but it is overly saturated for what it actually is. It only costs $1 per person to ride the tractor to and from the orchards and the patch, and they do such a good job with decor. But it is super packed, and there are plenty of family farms in the area that, in the coming years, I’d love to visit a variety of pumpkin farms so that our family tradition has some variety.

Now, our “daddy, mommy, and baby” pumpkins are on our front door step. We don’t have any other Halloween decorations out because, based on where our house is located in our neighborhood, basically no one sees our house. I stopped worrying about wreaths, lights, and even elaborate landscaping because we are just tucked back away from most views.

It bums me out a little bit not to be decorating on the outside. I’ll figure out some alternatives in the mean time, as we are certain that we will be looking for our next house within the next 4-5 years.

xo, Jan

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