Let me first just say… I hate that tragic events like the massacre in Vegas really just lead to soapboxes on social media for many of us. People are suffering life-threatening injuries, people have lost friends and loved ones. The impact of this event on me is miniscule compared to the hurt so many people are feeling. I don’t know any of them personally, but I am continually praying for them.

Now, my point: I am 100% cool with the 2nd amendment, and am often comforted knowing that someone near me at all times is probably carrying a weapon for the sake of theirs and others’ safety. However, on Sunday night (along with the numerous mass shootings our country has experienced in the last couple of years alone), the 2nd amendment didn’t matter.

This was a country concert (a genre that attracts proponents of gun ownership) in a state where gun owners can openly carry their weapons. That didn’t matter, though, because this whack job had LEGAL weapons, rigged illegally, automatically blasting bullets from rifles in his hotel. (Coward.)

Here’s what we need: we need well-intended citizens, police officers, federal agents, security officers, and active military to carry weapons. We do, in fact, need the 2nd amendment. What we don’t need: for any person to own 33 guns at a time, for any person to buy more cases of bullets than they can buy Sudafed in a 30 day period, for any person to access fully-automatic weapons whether through legal or illegal means.

“Guns don’t kill people, people do!” Okay, let’s tell that to the victims of nuclear warfare. If you think it is important to take nukes out of the hands of bad people, then you admit that weapons are, in fact, much more powerful than the people who use them.

“Someone could kill another person with a knife. So are we going to control those, too?” I could be speculating, but if all the Vegas shooter would’ve had was knives, more than fifty people would still be alive, and more than 500 unharmed. I’d even venture to say that if all he had was a hand gun and a rifle, he would not have done the damage he did.

Law breakers will be law breakers, I get that. But is that truly a reason we shouldn’t reform? That we shouldn’t crack down on loose weapon and weapon-part sales? That we shouldn’t seek justice for those who were just out to enjoy a concert on Sunday?

I don’t want to take your guns from you, my friend. In fact, to an extent, I’m glad you have them. Instead, I want our government to fight hard against putting bad weapons in the hands of bad people. If you are so passionate about your 2nd amendment right, then I am sure that, even with more government regulations in place, you will still jump through all the hoops they ask you to in order to be legally and properly armed. No more romanticizing guns… We should be standing in line at a government facility to purchase weapons, whether for protection or leisure, just like we do to get our driver’s licenses. Like driving, owning a weapon comes with great responsibility and accountability; I’m sure you’d agree.

Don’t take “gun control” as a personal attack. Trust me, many proponents of gun control aren’t paying any mind to gun-carrying, law-abiding citizens. They are paying mind to the victims of senseless violence at the hands of psychopaths with weapons. There IS a solution out there, you need only to be open to it. Keep your guns. Visit the range to practice.

Whatever you do, do NOT disrespect the deaths of nearly sixty people by saying the rifles didn’t matter.

They absolutely did.

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