A Week Full of Giggles!

Hello, blog world! I just got home from an early-morning trip to the airport to drop some friends off. Now I’m all loaded up with espresso, and going back to sleep is not an option, so I figured I’d post a lil’ update.

It feels like Audrey has grown so much in the last week. There is a lot going on … the champion sleeper that we had a couple weeks ago is now going through her sleep regression (albeit earlier than most babies do, it would seem). For over a week now, she’s been waking up two or three times in the middle of the night, and the only solace is to feed her back to sleep. While it is a bit upsetting in the moment, we can’t complain about the additional moments to snuggle her. Plus, the other developments going on during the day totally make up for it: she giggles a lot, is more interested in toys, and talks and coos at us. So even though I am more tired and zombie like, the little person she is becoming is an absolute delight!

Monday was Columbus Day, so we had a shopping and lunch date with Daddy. We ate at a neat pub nearby called Sloan’s. They have, by far, the most impressive sweet potato fries I’ve ever eaten.

Audrey’s favorite past time? Being naked. She LOVES to hang out in nothing but her diaper. Alex took this photo on Tuesday, his day to work from home while I go to work all day. One of the best things we’ve done is share our Google Photo albums so that I can see any picture/video he takes of her throughout the day.

I took one of the first selfies I’ve felt like taking in months. I am taking several steps to try and feel human again … being at work definitely helps. If I didn’t have to go into a professional job, I wouldn’t have a reason to get ready. I don’t have a natural desire to get dolled up all the time. I know ladies who literally cannot even leave the house without makeup and hair done; I don’t have a hard time at all going through daily life without caring what I look like or how I feel. But, for work specifically, I have to care. And that’s done a world of good for me, especially postpartum. The SAHM life appeals to me, of course, but I truly don’t think it’ll ever be healthy for me. I think I’ll always at least be a part-time worker. It’s been good for my mind, body, and soul to wake up, suck down some coffee, curl my hair, etc.

Pieces of Audrey’s Halloween costume are starting to arrive. No, she’s not going to be a Native American; these mocs were just the right color for her costume, and they were so affordable on Amazon. I can’t wait to see how the whole thing turns out! I will say, buying several little pieces of a costume ended up being much cheaper than buying a full pre-made costume (and I think it’ll turn out cuter and more unique!)

I’m trying to work on my health a bit, too. I’ve been cooking without high glycemic foods (simple carbs and sugar), which isn’t difficult for me. What’s difficult for me is turning down cupcakes someone made for a party, for example. But, I’m trying to be intentional about my choices, and I am working on an exercise regimen for myself. If I don’t prioritize it now, when the baby is little, then I never will.

That’s that! It’s a busy weekend over here. Can’t wait to share it with you on Monday!



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