Labor Day Weekend!

How about a little weekend update??

A morning nap on the deck!

A little note: I finally put the WordPress app on my phone, so that I can actually write posts on the go. I don’t prefer this method; in full transparency, if I could handwrite every post and somehow publish that way, I would. My laptop is second best. But, since I’d like to post more often, the app and I are just gonna have to get along.

This weekend was our second time bringing Audrey to the lake. We went down to see the full, total solar eclipse on August 21st, but we only came down for one evening. This time we got to stay three nights!

Rain loves being at the lake!

We bought an absolutely adorable little infant life vest on Amazon, thinking we might take the baby out on the boat. We never did, sadly. But it will still fit her next summer, so we look forward to that!

What we did get to do is spend so much time outside. Many times, when she started to get fussy, we’d plop her down in her bouncy seat and bring her out onto the deck and she would be enchanted by the bright sky and awesome colors of the trees. I now know to bring her outside for a nap every once in a while at home while I sit with her, enjoying the fresh air.

Labor Day preciousness ❤

Alex and I had a “date,” floating out on boogie board with an inflatable cooler full of beer while my parents hung out with the baby back on the shore. We had some of the best conversation we’ve had in a while. We always seem to find those moments in unexpected places.

Overall, we had a fabulous “last weekend of summer” it would seem. It got pretty warm in the afternoons, but the morning air was crisp, just the way my Autumn-born heart loves it! Now, I am back at work part time, making that pay check so I can buy cute Halloween clothes for my baby (and Chai lattes for myself).



P.S. My baby is already two months old! Don’t grow so fast, sweet girl!

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