Nursery Tour, Plus What I Registered For

Welcome back to the blog, folks. It won’t be long before we are welcoming our baby Audrey into the world, so I decided to take some photos while I scramble around, preparing for her arrival. You’ll see her nursery plus the other spaces she will be occupyWelcome back to the blog, folks. It won’t be long before we are welcoming our baby Audrey into the world, so I decided to take some photos while I scramble around, preparing for her I will point out what I registered for, plus put links to the things you see wherever I can!

The nursery is still a little bit in progress, but everything major/important is done. The color we painted her walls is Sweet Salt Air by HGTV/Sherwin Williams. I opted out of painting her room pink because, with all the pink accents I knew she’d end up with, it just seemed like it’d end up being a little overwhelming. With the light aqua color, it feels a bit more whimsical and fresh.

My parents repainted an old dresser that they had and added new knobs. I love it! What a special piece to keep in Audrey’s room. On the far side of the dresser is the Diaper Genie we registered for. Some folks might count this as an unnecessary item, but I remember when my mom had my younger brothers, and we were ALL thankful for the diaper genie!

On top of the dresser, we’ve got a SkipHop Elephant Soother that plays soothing noises and projects a nightlight onto the ceiling. This isn’t the soother we registered for, but I actually am so thankful that we got this one! It was thoughtful (since Audrey’s room has a subtle ode to elephants) and it is a great all-in-one machine. Another item we asked for that you see on the dresser is a Safety 1st humidifier.

The white distressed metal … thing … is something my mom found at a local thrift shop. I found the sweet canvas at Hobby Lobby.

Okay, here we’ve got the changing table area. Instead of a made-to-be changing table, we already had this refurbished dresser thing that is the perfect height for changing. This meant, however, that I needed to register for a safer changing pad that has four sides, instead of just the two. (The one I’ve linked for you here looks to be quilted; ours is flat waterproof, but either would work really.) What stinks about this changing pad is that there really isn’t a way to get a cute changing pad cover on it, so I have washable changing pads to use on it to make it a little softer, instead. I’ve heard lots of reviewers of this changing pad say that it serves as a good napping spot because it makes baby feel safe and cozy… almost an alternative to the (in my opinion) overpriced Dock-a-Tot. Inside the changing table, just FYI, I’ve got packs of extra diapers, wipes, and breastfeeding/pumping supplies.

To the right of the changing pad, you might be able to see our baby monitor camera (I’m linking you to a similar one; ours is Motorola, and it’s a little different from this one, but it has very similar specs). We are still needing to put some shelving above the changing table, which is where we will mount the monitor camera to get the best view of the crib. This baby monitor is practically the Cadillac of monitors, and my philosophy when registering was to register for the nicest items that I probably wouldn’t have spent money on myself, otherwise. Trust me, your loved ones want to get you quality gifts!

The framed graphic on the wall is another one from Hobby Lobby.

We didn’t register for this hanging diaper organizer, but it turns out I was going to need it. The underneath storage in our changing table is not convenient or sufficient for multiple changing sessions a day/night; I’d be opening the curtain and bending over, up and down constantly throughout the changing. I wanted something that had all the necessary items within arms reach without having to buy another piece of furniture. This looks like it is going to work great! Obviously, I don’t have it stocked up yet (that is on my list), but it’s got room for diapers, a few onesies, and I’ve already got diaper genie replacement filters, a few pacifiers, diaper cream, etc. in there.

For her crib area, I registered for a few things, though I don’t imagine she will be sleeping in her crib for a few months. We registered for the crib mobile through Babies R Us; it is seriously perfect in her room, and it might be one of my favorite things in here! We also registered for the crib sheetsmattress pads, and the boppy pillow, which a loved one had personalized for Audrey. (Note: The boppy pillow will definitely be used before the crib will be — we are bringing it to the hospital, in fact. For now, I am just storing it in the crib.)

Another item near the crib is her SkipHop diaper bag (which is actually a backpack). I’ve already got it packed for the hospital; stay tuned for a post about what I’m packing in our hospital bags!

On the wall to the right are two pieces that have a little bit more sentimental value. The framed photo is actually the guest book from the baby shower that my mother-in-law helped put together; the guests signed little circles which made up the balloons being held by the elephant. Here is the design for the graphic, and the circles are just punched out of scrapbook paper and taped to the page!

We registered for room-darkening curtains. because it is important to register for practical items, too! Note, these are not black-out curtains — I’ve heard that, if baby takes naps in the nursery, you don’t want to trick them into thinking it is night out when it really isn’t because then they will have a difficult a time sleeping longer at true nighttime. I don’t know about all of that, but I can basically follow any line of logic until it doesn’t work for one reason or another.

We are still in need of a side table — don’t worry, we aren’t just going to let the lamp sit there on the floor, all sad. My mom found this lamp and the letter ‘A’ on the wall from a thrift shop.

The glider was also on our registry, and I’m already obsessed with it. Every time I sit in it, Rain (our dog) jumps up on the ottoman, so I guess she likes it, too! Fun little note here: the quilt on the back of the glider was mine when I was a baby!

On the floor in the closet, I am storing things that I don’t think I will need right away. We have an extra diaper bag from Thirty-One, a stroller storage bag from SkipHop (it has cup holders in it … score!), and some toys for older babies (singing dogFisher Price classic trio, and a play gym).

In the tote, I’ve already got clothes stored that are sizes six months and up. If I could go back, I probably would’ve also registered for big storage totes, because it turns out, you’ve gotta make some room for baby and keep as organized as possible! This is only the first of many totes I am having to put together, goodness gracious!

At the top of her closet, I’ve already got some little outfits hanging (all NB up to 3-6 months). I did register for nursery hangers. On the top shelf are boxes of diapers that are in bigger sizes (Alex had a diaper party and, surprisingly, we got more 3’s and 4’s sizes than NB and 1’s, so I had to make some room to store them).

On the other side of her closet, we’ve got YES, more diapers. But, I’ve also washed and folded her blankets (many were handmade for her), extra sheets, flannel receiving blankets, and muslin swaddle blankets.

Outside her closet, we’ve got a tote full of toys and all the books people brought to her baby shower. We still have yet to sand and paint the bookshelf, and I’m considering getting a hamper that closes to keep the stinky stuff contained.

So, that is her nursery. But, she really won’t be spending a ton of time in there, especially in the beginning. So I took some pictures of other spaces I have prepared for her too.

For the first few months, we plan to have Audrey bedside in her bassinet over night, so I’ve got a little “station” put together.

This is the Dream Suite Bassinet from Graco. The top flips upside down into a waterproof changing table, though I don’t know if I’ll have the energy in the middle of the night to use that feature. So, in the lower storage, I’ve got some washable changing pad liners and extra bassinet sheets. I’ve also got some burp cloths for nursing, and I’ll be adding some extra sleepers / onesies and swaddle blankets to the bottom so that I’m not running back and forth to the nursery to get them.

This storage caddy from Thirty-One was personalized and given to us by a friend. Each “changing station” in the house has basically the same items in it: diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, hand sanitizer, disposable nursing pads, nipple cream, etc.

Much like her crib, I don’t anticipate we will be utilizing the bathroom for her very often in the beginning except for me to retrieve health/first aid items. But, we did register for lots of fun things you see here: bath robe, towels and washcloths, bath toys, baby soap, first aid kit, thermometer, and Nose Frida.

Last, but not least, we have a spot in the living room with her Graco swing + bouncer and another diaper caddy.

Again, everything in this diaper caddy is pretty standard. I wanted to point out one more item that I registered for multiple of and have them in different spots throughout the house: WubbaNubs. I’ve heard they are the best, and you can never have too many on hand!

Okay, friends, that’s all! Whew! A couple more things we registered for that you don’t see here (either because we don’t have a reason to have them out yet, or they are already in my car):

And, to end this post, I’ll leave you with a photo of our sweet pup, who has been a little weird about all the changes, but still always willing to cuddle and play.

Stay tuned this weekend for a post about what I am packing for a scheduled cesarean at the hospital! We are over the moon excited to meet Audrey.


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