9 Months Pregnant! (And Other Happenings)

You guys, I hate being inconsistent with posting here. But my life right now? Very inconsistent.

Audrey’s due date is in one month! My 8th month of pregnancy was the busiest and craziest month since probably the month before we got married (nearly three years ago). I figured I’d bring in some photos from the last month since I haven’t posted in a while.

My sister-in-law graduated high school! We are so proud of her — she’s even already finished a semester of college because she finished her high school classes early. Some of Alex’s family came into town to celebrate, and we threw a fun graduation party for her.

At 33 weeks, my OB told me that I was measuring 3 weeks ahead. There were a lot of possible reasons for this, so he decided to order an ultrasound for the baby to get measured and to check amniotic fluid levels. Baby’s measurements were normal for 33 weeks (approximate weight was 4.5 lbs, in the 44th percentile) and the fluid levels were normal. The only notable explanation for why I was measuring so big was because she was frank breech — her head was up towards my chest, and she was folded in half at the hips. So, of course, all we could see in the ultrasound was her legs. We did get a top-down shot of her head, and the ultrasound tech showed us that she does, in fact, have some hair!

As of now (almost 36 weeks) she is still breech; I am doing some stretches / exercises to encourage her to turn around. Every other day, she will flip to be more sideways than breech, but she hasn’t turned all the way yet. Doctor said they will discuss options for turning at 37 weeks if she’s still breech.

Memorial Day weekend, Alex organized and went on a bachelor trip, so I got to go to the lake house with my parents. We had pretty good weather most of the weekend.

We did have one big storm blow through … look at that wall of clouds! Yikes.

Even though the water was frigid, I decided to take my first pregnancy swim. Cold, but worth it! (My swimsuit is a tankini from Target. It’s not maternity, it’s just two sizes larger than I’d normally buy. The Target employee told me they hadn’t gotten any maternity suits in this year *eye roll* … I could go on and on about how unimpressive Target’s maternity selection is.)

Alex returned from his bachelor trip towards the end of the week after Memorial Day. Then, a couple of days later, we made a six-hour road trip to attend a friends’ wedding for a weekend. I am so happy to say that this exhausting trip will be my last one for this pregnancy — It is getting too risky to be far from home, and it is getting tiring to be packing, unpacking, and trying to get comfortable in beds that aren’t my own. The doctor even highly encouraged me to stop travelling at 36 weeks. Yes ma’am, no problem!

I am looking forward to the next month; I am going to try to really soak it up and enjoy it because I know I’ll miss being pregnant after baby arrives. There is still quite a bit left to do before she gets here… maternity photos, pack the hospital bags, finish washing and sorting her clothes (foreseeably a never-ending task), install the car seats, and many more things that my pregnant-brain can’t remember.

Every little chore exhausts me. Just walking up and down the stairs to retrieve a basket of laundry requires I sit down to recover afterwards. Regardless of how difficult and uncomfortable life is getting at this point, I am thankful to have such a great support system and I truly can’t wait to meet our baby girl in just one month!


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