Snapshots from Last Week!

Here’s a simple little update for you, reader! Our five month old is developing right before our eyes! She’s nearly flipping from her belly to her back, and … She’s pretty much holding her own bottle! Gosh does she need us for anything anymore?! I made Crock-Pot Italian chicken (just […]

Hello, November!

We kissed October goodbye too soon, it felt like! Look at our lil’ witch on Halloween! I already can’t wait for next year — Halloween is my absolute favorite! She basically stayed awake long enough for us to take pictures, and then she promptly fell asleep for the duration of […]

We Love the Pumpkin Patch!

This is a real late post from last weekend, but what a great weekend! It was go-go-go from Friday to Sunday; I am thankful to have some time during Audrey’s nap this morning to post an update. Friday, Alex was able to work from home so that I could go […]

A Week Full of Giggles!

Hello, blog world! I just got home from an early-morning trip to the airport to drop some friends off. Now I’m all loaded up with espresso, and going back to sleep is not an option, so I figured I’d post a lil’ update. It feels like Audrey has grown so […]


Okay. Let me first just say… I hate that tragic events like the massacre in Vegas really just lead to soapboxes on social media for many of us. People are suffering life-threatening injuries, people have lost friends and loved ones. The impact of this event on me is miniscule compared […]

The First Three Months

We have reached Audrey’s three month mark! She is growing and learning so fast… I wish I were able to press pause! Audrey is able to roll from her belly to her back! She doesn’t do it every time, but she definitely has the hang of it. She can also […]